Presstrade-all about forging
Presstrade-all about forging

Industrial Forge - Presses and more...

All about Forging

All about forging


Ebenso wie das Gesenkschmieden ist auch das Freiformschmieden ein spanloses Fertigungsverfahren. Die Gestaltung des Schmiedeteils erfolgt durch die gezielte Werkstückbewegung. Bis zur gewünschten

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PRESSTRADE industrial forge - new forging machines, used forging machines, presses and more ...

Second-hand or new forging machines for industrial forge – with over 20 years of experience PRESSTRADE can create a tailor-made solution for your specific requirement.

Our broad product range and worldwide service network coupled with our knowledge and experience of the forging industry have made us a world market leader. Our variety of forging machines covers many areas of the forging industry like: die forging, closed forging machines and much more.

PRESSTRADE can support you in all aspects of forging – from the first contact to your finished product.

We provide advice and support in the following areas: purchase of second-hand machines, new machines, presses, service & support, special installations, engineering and logistics. Ask us questions, set us challenges. We will find a solution.

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Presse von Weingarten

Weingarten ER 125



Reckwalze von Eumuco

Eumuco ARWS 1



Hammer von Bêché

Bêché L 6



Forging – a success story!

Over the centuries, the forging and forming of metals has become established in almost all areas of life and industry: whether in the automotive industry (both passenger cars and trucks as well as off-road, especially with regard to transmission parts, engine components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts and chassis parts such as, among others. (e.g. transverse control arms, steering knuckles, constant velocity drive shafts), oil and gas industry (e.g. flanges), agriculture, aerospace (seamless rolled rings and drop-forged screws, bolts and turbine blades), medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering, railway technology (especially axles and wheels), valve construction, power engineering (e.g. free-form forged components such as shafts or blocks) and many more.



Inbetriebnahme einer generalüberholten ZDAS CKV 315 Freiformschmiedepresse

Presstrade gibt die Lieferung und Inbetriebnahme einer überholten und komplett modernisierten ZDAS CKV 315 ton an einen deutschen Kunden bekannt. Diese öl-hydraulische Freiformschmiedepresse hat eine Presskraft von bis zu 320 …

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PRESSTRADE deals with products from all world-renowned manufacturers who have produced machines for massive forming today and in the past, such as:

Eumuco, Hasenclever, Banning, SMS Meer, Berrenberg, Kieserling & Albrecht, Wagner, Schloemann, Demag, Schuler, Müller, Weingarten, SMG, Spiertz, Dieffenbacher, Liebergeld, Hydrap, Bêché, Erfurt, Niagara, Clearing, Bliss, Wilkins & Mitchell, Massey, Lasco, Sack & Kiesselbach, National, Kayser, Ajax, Ceco, Chambersburg, Komatsu, Peddinghaus, Ficep, Valdarno, TMP, Voronezh, Stanko, ABB, Acheson, Aida, Amada, Behringer, Eisele, Kaltenbach, Kasto, Stanko, Bernaul, Dellavia, Dango & Dienentahl, Glama, Eitel, Enomoto, Mitsubishi, Etchells, Erie, Fröhlich, Cyrrus, Gamei, Georg, GFM, Hatebur, Gräbener, Hanoul, Huta Zygmunt, Smeral, Kurimoto, Sumitomo, Herlan, Montbard, Nittan, Osterwalder, Pensotti, Presstec, Ravne, Ruthner, Ryazan, Siempelkamp, Vaccari, Voest, WMW, Wepuko, Pahnke, Georg, Zamet, Manyo.


All these well-known companies were or still are producers of various machines that are used in the forge:

Drop forging press, trimming press, calibrating press, piercing and punching presses, preform press, hydraulic press, manual or automated stretching roller, wedge forging presses, billet shear, cross wedge roller, mobile and rail-mounted forging manipulator, open-die forging press, screw press, open-die forging hammer, hydraulic or pneumatic drop forging hammer, radial-axial or horizontal ring rolling mill, table ring rolling mill, spiral conveyor, induction plant, gas furnace, maxi press, counterblow hammer, friction screw press.