New forging presses and machines - only available from PRESSTRADE:

Ring rolling machines, double-acting hammers, key drivers and spraying units from BANNING®

Designed and developed in Germany and Switzerland: ring rolling machines, hydraulic double-acting hammers and key drivers

Ring Rolling Machines

For the production of rings, discs and profiles BANNING is in the position to offer you a new generation of electro-mechanical ring rolling machines.

The ring rolling machine type ERW can roll work pieces up to a diameter of 8000 mm and a height of 1500 mm. For the production of ring series up to a weight of 40 kg BANNING has developed the multi mandrel ring rolling machine KFRWt.

Please download here our brochure “Banning – Ring Rolling Machines KFRWt”

Please download here our brochure “Banning – Ring Rolling Machines ERW”

Hydraulic double-acting hammers

Our forging product range comprises closed and open die forging hammers. Closed die forging hammers are manufactured up to a blow energy of 450 kJ, open die forging hammers up to 490 kJ.

Please download here our brochure „Banning – Hydraulic Forging Hammers and Key Drivers"

Key drivers

We offer models with a blow force of 1000 to 8000 Nm.

Please download here our brochure “Banning –Key Drivers”

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland: spraying units for tool lubrication

Spraying units

In cooperation with our customers, our specialists develop tailor-made solutions for die conservation. Depending on the desired application, we supply manipulators, lubricant units, lubricant dosing systems and pressure tanks.