PRESSTRADE – Your partner for second hand and used forging machines

An important part of our service is the valuation and assessment of second-hand forging machines.

PRESSTRADE provides impartial valuations of machinery and equipment in line with market conditions.

The value definition of such machinery, equipments or entire production plants is the most important constituent of machine assessment reports. PRESSTRADE has more than two decades of experience in this sector and extensive knowledge of the forging market.


PRESSTRADE - different services for forging presses and machines

We also offer a full service of asset realisation in cases of insolvency consisting essentially of:

  • Valuation
  • Seizure
  • Storage
  • Overhaul and realisation
  • Gutting and clearing of production plants

We also carry out the following machinery assessments:

  • Assessments for funding recipients and lessees
  • Assessments for banks
  • Value assessment of business units
  • Current value determination
  • Damage assessments